Jamaica: Home of All Right because everything is going to be “all right”

Jamaica is known for its magnificent color and beauty that make it a precious jewel in the Caribbean. The rich history and culture adds to its charm and brings people back again and again. The island welcomes budget travelers to luxurious travelers, athletic to restful travelers, seaside to mountain top. Originally a volcano, Jamaica now offers rivers, waterfalls, underground caves and offshore reefs. Popular for their reggae music, powdery white-sand beaches, golden sunsets and friendly people, what’s not to love. But which part of Jamaica should you stay in? That is going to depend on what you are looking to get out of Jamaica. There are 6 resort areas on the island. Let’s go over what is unique about each.

Montego Bay is a quintessential Caribbean destination with white sand beaches and grand all-inclusive resorts. Montego Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches, which many of the resorts have perfect access to. If you are looking for adventure, would love the jungle river tubing on the Great River, ziplining and ATVing. For the shopper in you, Montego Bay is home to some of the world’s top selection of duty-free outlets. Then head over to the Rose Hall Great House where it is said that Annie Palmer, the English-Irish plantation mistress who practiced voodoo and tortured slaves, still haunts the property.


Negril is a casual, do-as-you-please location located in the western part of Jamaica making it true to its hippie roots. Popular for its Seven Mile Beach, Negril is beautiful and relaxing. Paired with twenty-one natural pools and mineral infused waters is a perfect spa day.


Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica and birthplace of Reggae music. Some places to check out in Kingston is the Bob Marley Museum and the elegant Devon House. Just north of Kingston is the Blue Mountains, where adventure seekers can take a tour. Kingston is not known for its beaches like other areas of the island, but it does have great shopping, many fairs and delicious food!


South Coast has the jungle river and wetlands where you can share a drink with locals at the village bar, and catch and cook your own seafood dinner. The South Coast has rocky coves, black-sand beaches and secluded swimming spots.  


Port Antonio is picture perfect panorama of nature’s finest work with secluded beaches and rich and luxurious tropical vegetation. Port Antonio has some of the most beautiful sightseeing, with its Reach Falls and crystal-clear rock pools. Port Antonio is ideal for the nature lover. The Blue Lagoon is a great place to start with its legends and myths that come with it. Then make your way towards the Rio Grande to raft down on bamboo, just like they did with the banana plantations. Finish off by snorkeling where fresh river mineral springs meet the salty ocean.


Ocho Rios is where the “heaven spills into the sea,” as the Jamaican’s say. Dunn’s River Falls is the most famed of Ocho Rios’ outdoor attractions. Near Dunn’s River Falls is Dolphin’s Cove offers swimming and interacting with dolphins and stingrays. If you head up the Mystic Mountain, you can go on a Bobsled ride.

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An image of a tropical beach.An image of a tropical beach.