Why River Cruise?

River Cruising is Booming!

Why? Because it is a convenient and luxurious way to cover far more ground than any other way of travel. You are on a floating hotel that brings you to historical villages and cities. Even still, you don’t have to arrange activities or how to get there. The cruise lines already make available a variety of reputable tours to make the most of your time on land and getting you to spots that every tourist wants a selfie at. Yet, it’s not just about the hot spots, they also take you the not so common places that provide guests with a home-cooked meal made by the locals in their very own homes.

Explore Cultures!

Not to mention, river cruises are different from ocean cruises in that the ships are smaller and far more intimate. With less than 200 room on a river cruise, you are able to board the ship quicker and easier. Also, the river cruise ships takes you to places that a larger ship could not access and docks at port far longer than ocean cruise ships tend to. Another added bonus is that many river cruise lines include the shore excursions in the cost of the cruise. These excursions are led by knowledgeable guides or you can hop on a bike and take a self-guided tour to explore the culture, history and food of the beautiful site.

The World is Your Oyster!

There are a number of destinations that travels can take a river cruise along. In Europe, you can do the popular Rhine River that starts in Amsterdam, traveling through Germany and France. You can continue on to the Main River and the Danube River towards Austria, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. Or you can do the Douro River through Portugal and Spain. The Rhone River is another fabulous one through France. But if Europe isn’t your destination, check out the river cruises through Russia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam & Cambodia or Africa.

Hop Aboard and See the World!
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